About TRCB

TRCB.COM is all-inclusive publishing service that enables users to easily publish original quality Articles on virutally any topic.

Is TRCB For Me?

Whether you are an energetic new writer, seasoned expert writer, or just someone who wants to share your ideas, TRCB is for you. TRCB enables you to fulfill the potential inherent within your Article and potentional to make money.

How It Works?

1-  Please sign up here and it is free.

2-  You will receive an email from us for validation. Please click on the link for email validation. Once your email is validated. Your account is automatically approved and you are ready to submit your first article. It is that simple.

3- Once you submit your first article and we approve it, we will send simple instructions to follow to who to setup Google Adsense code for your account so that you can get paid on your work.

It is that simple.

Author Registration

How much it cost to sign up?

Signing up is absolutely free. You never pay us - we pay you 50% earning from Google Adsense on your quality original Articles

Who can sign Up?

TRCB is a worldwide service. You have patience to share your experience, you are welcome to sign up and it is free.

Article Submission

Are there any writing guidelines for writing Article?

Yes indeed. We do have common sense guidelines. Here is quick summary of MUST HAVE requirements:

- Spell check and gramatically correct.

- Each paragraph is no more than 10 lines.

- First three paragraphs must not have any links.

- No more than 6 links in body.

- Well written and original quality article.

Click here for detail editorial guidelines:


How do I embed a photo?

Article editor has toolbar like Microsoft Word. If you have used MS Word, you probably know this already. You can insert image to the article.

Tip: Image button is 4th button on last tool bar line once you are in article editor.

Do you have any tips on how to develop a topic?

If you need help in developing a topic, simply visit the categories from the left menu. There are plenty of topics, once you see different topics and sub-topics, We are sure you will pick one which you care about, or have passion for or have experience.

What subjects can I create content about?

There are plenty of topics, once you see different topics and sub-topics, We are sure you will pick one which you care about, or have passion for or have an experience.

What languages can I create content in?

At this time you can articles only in English.

How do I submit a Update to already approved Article?

Simply login to your acocunt and click on my articles.  Now click on Edit Article and change and re-submit for approval. Please note: everytime you make changes to article, it will go through our editorial approval process to ensure quality.


My Article is in Pending Status?

Pending status means article is pending and waiting for editorial staff to look at it.  Our editorial staff is working almost around the clock on article approvals. So be patient, your article will receive complete attention in due course.

How many articles I am allowed to publish?

Yes are allowed virtually unlimited number of articles. More articles are better but please keep in mind our quidelines and content should be original.


How I make money on my Articles?

On all approved articles, we display Google Adsense ads.  Author will be required to sign up with Google Adsense and save code under author account on TRCB. We share revenue from Google Adsense with author.

How I signup for Google Adsense?

Once your first article is approved, we will send you Google Adsense setup information with video step by step simple instructions to follow.

Who will pay me TRCB or Google?

You should be happy, Google will be paying through your own Google Adsense account. You never have to disclose your personal financial infomration to us. Hopefully you trust Google for on-time payment to you. We do though.

Can you help me in setting up Google Adsense?

Absolutely, please fill up online form. We will get back with you.

I have more questions

Absolutely, please fill up online form. We will get back with you.


TRCB offer any Affiliate Program?

Yes indeed, TRCB offers unique Affiliate program and provides you unlimited income earning opportunity.

What is the Opportunity for Affiliates at

An Affiliate earn 10% on referrals.  You are welcome to refer us your friends to write on virtually any topic such as students, teachers, literary agents, writers and authors.

How we pay to Affiliates at

We pay to affiliates through Google adsense accounts. So you are never waiting for payment from

How I sign up for an Affiliate Account?

Simply sign up as an author through Author Registration link.  Once your account is active. Upon login,  simply click on dashboard. You will see your affiliate link.