Functional versus symbolic benefits of Product

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So you're the most precious, priceless and invaluable product. Like any product, you've functional, perceived and symbolic benefits. The function of a watch is to tell you the time; the function of Rolex is to tell you the social status of the owner.

The function of a car is transportation; the function of BMW is to cast prestige, position, esteem and eminence.

The function of a hotel is to provide you lodging; the function of Pearl-Continental and Marriott is to give to your ego a dose of exclusivity, a treatment of exceptionality, a sense of superiority.

You're not just a watch; you're not just a car; you're not just a hotel. Instead you're Rolex;

you're BMW; you're Pearl- Continental and Marriott.
Bob Marley, musician, singer-song writer, says:
"I've a BMW. But only because BMW stands for Bob Marley and The Wailers and not because I need an expensive car." -

Now the question arises. What's that discipline; what's that process; what's that magic;

what's that witchcraft and sorcery that makes a watch ROLEX; that makes a car BMW; that makes a hotel Marriott. This discipline, this process, this magic, this witchcraft and this sorcery is called

Branding.Branding is seduction
"Branding ‘pre-sells' the product or service to the user."

Branding makes a cricketer Imran Khan; makes a social worker Abdus Sattar Eidhi. Muhammad Ali Jinnah becomes Quaid-e-Azam. When a poet becomes Allama Iqbal, it's branding. Branding immortalizes a functional product; it makes the brick-and-mortar product look ‘larger-than-life'.

Branding adds appeal, enchantment, glamour, charm, charisma and magnetism. It's an art and science of SEDUCTION. It's an art and science of creating a world of fascination and an atmosphere of allurement and an aura of attraction. It's an art and science of enthrallment.

In military realm, Branding is like blitzkrieg and aerial bombing and Selling is physical capturing of the territory. As after blitzkrieg, physical capturing of territory is made possible, similarly branding makes the selling easier. Branding captures the mindscape (while Selling captures the landscape).

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