1.      Essence of Agreement. (collectively referred to as “TRCB”) owning and operating the the internet website (the “website”) offers you a free publishing platform for the purpose of publishing original articles and materials in any field of interest written in English or any other technological form supported by TRCB (the “original Article”) under and subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

2.      Acceptance of Terms. The actual use of the Website shall be construed as and attest your unconditional, unlimited and unreserved acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth herein, and shall be considered as a binding agreement between you and TRCB and an undertaking on your behalf to comply with the terms and conditions set forth herein (above and hereinafter referred to as the " Agreement ").

3.  Compliance Form. . In order to be able to publish any Original Content on the Website you may be required to complete a simple registration process and form, in which you are required to submit your valid email address, certain personal details and any additional information which TRCB, in its sole discretion, shall deem necessary (the "Compliance Form "). In order for TRCB being able to pay any commissions you may be entitled to receive under this Agreement, certain personal details must be provided in a full and accurate manner, whether as part of the Compliance Form or any other form TRCB may require to fill in for the purpose of and prior to the payment of the Commissions. You are requested to notify us of any change in any of the details contained in the Compliance Form .

4.  Original Article. You hereby understand, acknowledge, undertake, represent and warrant that any Original Article sent by you with the intention it be published on the Website shall comply with the following requirements:

(i) be your original work; 

(ii) shall not contain any content of any kind whatsoever that is libelous, illegal or infringes any third parties' copyrights;

(iii) if any third parties' copyrights are included in the Original Content, the express, unrestricted and unlimited permission of such copyrights owner for the use of such copyrighted materials has been obtained prior to submitting the Original Content;

(iv) shall not contain any derogatory, offensive, unlawful, harmful, threatening, vulgar, profane, abusive, harassing, obscene, pornographic, defamatory or tortuous content;

5.  Author's Rights. You shall continue to retain all authorship and copyrights to the Materials submitted for publication through the website.

6.  Writing Guidelines. TRCB may publish, from time to time, writing guidelines for Original Content submitted for publication (such as but not limited to: number of words, use of paragraph headings, structure guidelines, etc.). If such guidelines are published, the Original Content shall be required to comply with such guidelines.

7.  Publishing Period. For avoidance of any doubt, TRCB does not undertake to and shall not be obligated to publish any Materials submitted for publication on the Site, nor does TRCB undertake to or shall be obligated to publish any of the Materials on the Websitefor any minimum or certain period of time.

8.  Advertising & Links. You hereby understand, acknowledge and agree that the pages on the Website will contain advertising and promotional materials as well as links to other sites (a " Linked Website"), as shall be determined by TRCB in its sole discretion. TRCB is and shall not be responsible for any content, services, products or goods which appear and/or are advertised on any Linked Site, nor for the availability and functionality of such (" Linked Sites "). TRCB reserves the rights to remove, in its sole and absolute discretion, any and all links which may appear in any Original Content. Without derogating from the above, TRCB will remove from the Materials any links that link/refer to advertisements or any other content of promotional/advertising nature.

9.  Remuneration. The publishing of Original Content submitted by you on the Website, shall entitled you to receive a certain commission, as provided herein:

(i)  TRCB will give you Advertisement space for the 50 % of the time from Google Adsense on all of your Articles pages on which the Original Article appears and which are relatively attributed to your Original Articles, as shall be determined by TRCB (the " Commission "); Changes or differentiations in the rate of the Advertisement may be made by TRCB in its sole and absolute discretion. Any change in the rates of the Commission shall not apply to payments due with respect to Original Article published on the Website prior to the change. TRCB may, in its sole and absolute discretion, pay referral commissions with respect to user-referrals, in accordance with its referral policy terms and conditions.

(ii)  You will received payment from Google into your Google Adsense account directly.

(iii)  Your Google Adsense account is subject to Google Adsense Terms and Conditions.


(iv)  TRCB shall not be liable in any way or manner for failing you to recive payment from Google under Google Adsense Terms and Condition.

(v)  You shall be responsible for any and all personal taxes due and payable with respect to payment of Commissions you shall receive. If payment of VAT is applicable with respect to the payment of Commission, Commission amounts shall be deemed as including VAT. Nothing contrary to the above, TRCB shall be entitled to withhold any taxes on any payments to be made as provided herein, as shall be required by the applicable law, and at such rates determined by the relevant tax authorities.

10.  Privacy Policy. Personal details provided by you in the Compliance Form, shall be kept in confidence, provided that such information may be used by TRCB for the following purposes (i) if required to be provided under any applicable laws; (ii) for payment of the Commission; (iii) internal uses and future communication.

11.  Anti-Spam/Junk Mail Policy. You undertake, represent and warrant not sending any emails, messages or otherwise communicate with any other users of the WebSite, which is not wanted or requested by such users. Bulk email messages that will be sent to a group of people who have no desire to receive such messages are forbidden.

12.  Fraudulent Use. You undertake, represent and warrant not to, directly or indirectly, by yourself or through any third party, generate in any way or manner, by use of any means of technology, software or otherwise, any increased, artificial or false traffic, usage, viewing, or entrances to any Original Content, advertisements, banners, or other content and materials of any kind in order to, whether for the purpose of increasing you Commission payments or any other purpose.

13.  No Employer-Employee Relationships . No employer-employee relations exist or shall exist with TRCB and the use of the Website and/or the submission of Original Content to the Website does and shall not create any such relationship.

14.  Operation of the Website. TRCB reserves the right to suspend and/or modify the operation of the Website and/or to discontinue or cease, temporarily or permanently the operation of the Website, as it shall deem necessary in its sole discretion. No prior notice shall be required to be given by TRCB with respect to any of the above mentioned events and you shall have no claim whatsoever against TRCB or any of its directors, officer or employees upon such action. The suspension, discontinuation or ceasing of the Site's activity shall not affect your right to payment of Commissions due with respect to such period before the discontinuation of the operation of the site.

15.  Termination of Rights . If TRCB shall be in the opinion that you have not complied with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, in whole or in part, TRCB shall be entitled to terminate your right to submit and/or publish Original Article on the Website, and to cancel any registration of your to the Website. Upon the termination of your rights notice shall be sent to you by TRCB. Consequently to and concurrently with the termination of your rights as provided herein, your rights to advertisement rights for upto 50% shall also terminate.


17.  Limitation of Liability. To the fullest extent permitted by the applicable law, TRCB and any of its shareholders, directors, officers or employees shall not be liable for any damages, losses or expenses, direct or indirect, sustained or suffered by you by or as a result of the use of the Website or the Original Content, even where notice of the possibility of incurring such damages, losses or expenses was given.

18.  Indemnification. You hereby agree to fully indemnify, defend and hold TRCB, its directors, officers, employees and consultants harmless, immediately on demand, from and against any and all claims , liabilities, damages, losses, costs, and expenses, arising out of your use of the Website and the breach of any of the provisions of this Agreement by you.

19.  Governing law. The provisions of this Agreement and any matters relating hereto shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia United States of America. You hereby irrevocably agree that the competent courts in the Gwinnett County shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any claim, dispute or difference concerning this Agreement and any matter arising with respect thereto.

20.  Entire Agreement. The terms and conditions of this Agreement shall constitute the entire agreement with respect to your use of the Website, whether your Original Article is submitted and published or not. TRCB may change and/or modify this Agreement, and any term and condition thereof, in its sole and absolute discretion, without being required to provide any prior notice of any such change and/or modifications.

21.  Waivers. No failure or delay to exercise any right, power, or remedy under this Agreement shall operate as a waiver of any such right, power, or remedy.

22.  Absence of Third Party Beneficiaries . No provisions of this Agreement, whether expressed or implied, are intended or shall be construed as conferring upon or giving any third party any rights, remedies or other benefits of any kind whatsoever.

23.  Language . This Agreement is in the English language only. Any versions hereof in any other language shall be for accommodation only and shall not be binding upon TRCB .

24.  Notices. Any notices to be sent to you by TRCB shall be sent to the email address registered in the Compliance Form, and shall be deemed to have been received within 24 hours. Any notices to be sent by you to TRCB shall be sent to such email address published on the Site, and shall be deemed to have been received within 24 hours.  


Attention Publishers  Our Reprint Policies:

  1. If you wish to publish/reprint any article from our site in your newsletter, website, blog, forum, RSS feed or print publication, you must:
    1. You are allowed first upto three graphs of Article and link back to the original Article on our Website.
    2. Agree to include the FULL Resource box or SIG line at the end of the article.
    3. Agree not to change the title or content of the article in any way.
    4. Agree to make all links so that they are Active/Linkable with no syntax changes.
    5. Agree to include the article source credit below each article reprinted with the link active:

Article Source: TRCB.COM

    1. Agree to not put any of the articles found on this site to any web site that also contains warez, illegal mp3 or other files, instructions on how to make bombs or steal, or expressions that promote hatred or profanity or racism or bigotry, or contains pornography or exploits children or animals or any human, or any other unlawful activities.
    2. Agree to never reprint any article from this site via any unsolicited email, spamming, or pop up ads.
    3. Agree to never sell any article from the TRCB.COM directory.
    4. Agree to never charge others to view any article you reprint from our directory.
    5. Agree to limit the number of articles reprinted to no greater than taking 100 articles from our site per calendar year per unique domain that you own. In addition, for domain owners of many domains, you may not reprint more than 100 articles per year (3 sites x 100 articles reprinted per domain).
    6. Agree to not include the rel=nofollow tag in your HREF statements.
    7. Agree to not use any Article from our site in audio or video derivatives whatsoever.
    8. Agree to never translate any content from our site in any language. You may not create derivative works from any of our content.
    9. Agree to not add any active links to any article you reprint from our site. This unethical behavior would lead someone to believe falsely that the author of the article endorses the active link when in fact there is no truth to that.
    10. Agree to never reprint any author photo or images found on our site.
  2. Your use of anything connected to TRCB.COM, our newsletter, our RSS feed or our website is completely at your own risk.
  3. While TRCB does not generally own the copyright to the articles found within our site, we do have permission for publishing them.
  4. No additional permission is required from the author of any article within our directory as long as you agree to every term listed above in section 1. a) thru 1. j).
  5. It is common courtesy to let an author know when you reprint their article, but at this time we are not providing any authors email address  (please find it from their website link if their email address is not provided in the article.)
  6. You are not required to include the Google ads that are found on our site when you reprint any article from our site, but you must respect the 100 reprint limit per year.
  7. If you violate any of the above terms of service and/or any author copyright when reprinting articles from our site, you agree to be held liable for all attorney fees and statutory damages awarded upon a copyright infringement lawsuit that may be brought against you. You agree that any legal proceedings against you will occur in Gwinnett County in the State of  Georgia, United States of America.
  8. You acknowledge that TRCB.COM has the sole right to revoke these reprint rights at any given time for any reason provided you're given 48 hours written notice via email or via fax or via telephone or via postal mail. If you're unreachable, you also agree that we may contact your web hosting provider to reach you and serve this notice. Upon receiving notice from us, you will have 24 hours to immediately remove every article you received from TRCB.COM and must provide us with a written reply indicating that you have complied with our request in order to mitigate further action against you and your business to enforce this covenant.
  9. You agree to never use article crawlers, rogue bots, site scrapers or any automated script/software or method that attempts to mine the article content on TRCB.COM. You acknowledge that we may block your access to our site and/or membership.

General Issues:

TRCB.COM reserves the right to modify these Terms & Conditions at any time without prior warning. 


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