Designer Shoes, Seductive Power and It's Spell On Men's Attraction

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Do you ever think about the importance of having the right shoes in your wardrobe?

Most of us are so concentrated on finding the right dress, pants, silhouette and leave the shoes as the last on the list. You can trust me on that, as a Fashion Designer, who designs and produce Clothing and Accessory Collections for women, I have women coming to my boutique every day looking for something new and fresh from my latest collections and the only two things they are mostly concerned for their style look are... Guess?

  • Dress or a Piece of Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Hair style ( to go with certain outfit)
  • Accessories
  • Handbag

Can you put this list in order of importance when you shop or simply putting together a style look for the day or evening? Well from my everyday observation and experience for about 90% of women the most important on that list are:

1. Clothes

2. Handbag

What happens with the rest of the list? And where is the SHOES on this list. From the response that I hear: "Oh, Well, I just pick something from my closet..."
As I mentioned before in case you still don't know me, I'm High End Fashion Designer. I design 5 collections a year on top of which I create a Complete Style Look for women and for my private clients for absolutely any occasion in their life beginning with everyday wardrobe to all year around to events like Black Tie Parties and Red Carpet Awards. Just so you know I do not produce shoes.
And Ladies, I can't stress it more the importance of having the right shoes in your closet.
Do you ever think that shoes basically Define you ( not by their price, but by their shape and heels). There is a certain psychology among men about their perception of women who wear heels versus no heels. The higher the Heel the more supposedly woman might express confidence, elegance and class. It makes us sexually attractive and noticed. Versus wearing flats which is more Relaxed and down to earth. But still be noticed? Definitely "Yes".

The Shoes you are wearing give a total makeover to your body shape. They make you taller and leaner or shorter, and well, less lean. Heels habitués are accustomed to being pitched forward, arching their lower backs and thrusting out their busts and backsides.
Regardless of all these controversies the Shoes, heels and flats, are very important to your wardrobe.

TRENDS for Spring - Summer 2009:

From Modern Art and Architectural Angels To Delicate Shoes.

1. High dramatically embellished heels
- pair them up with simple classic silhouettes and go minimalist
- remember, when it comes to statement heels, accessorizing less is more

2. Stiletto Wedges are your perfect choice for chic and comfort.

3. Colors:

  • Bright: yellow, purple, black
  • Pastels
  • The Python and Snake look

With that in mind I wish you all the joy and fun "shoeing" around and getting ready
For new fashion season.

My best Regards To You,
Your Fashion Guru & Stylist,
Natasha Leratti

Natasha Leratti is a Miami based fashion high end fashion designer with a cutting edge vibe and distinct sense of style. For more information please visit

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