Ideas and Traditions:- Beach, Sweet Sixteen, Retirement Parties

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A. Sweet Sixteen Party:-

When we talk about this word sweet sixteen there is a spark in every kid's eye that are going to turn sixteen. For every girl or boy this turning on in sixteen years is a great pleasure and to make it more wonderful parents and children organize a party which is known as sweet sixteen parties.

This party is really amazing as it have lots of fun with lots of music and of course lots of different and delicious food stuffs. Organizing a party is like making the kid feel more special and noticeable. Sweet sixteen party can have lots of plans as it is just a kid fun party so the plan should be flexible and should includes hobbies of kid. Events which can be organized in these parties are games like dancing, musical chair and jumping jack.

To make this party more memorable a big fat cake of chocolate or any other flavors loved by kid can be organized. There can be many other things which can be done like keeping a dress code which can make every children look same and its really fun. The gifts for these parties are not so much big problem as turning into sixteen don't change the hobbies and childishness of the kid. So the gifts can be video games and hot wheel cars for boys and girls gift can be babies and beautiful dresses.

After taking about children party lets go to some educational party that is the:-

B. Graduation Party:-

When ever we go for any kind of education we all have a dream to make it more successful. Parties on success is a normal human nature whether the office promotion or graduation party. Studying in college for three years and then getting graduation degree is like dream come true. To celebrate this day every graduate have special plans like some go out with friends and some with families.

To celebrate this graduation party many have planes for a get together which is only for graduates and their families. The venue for this party can be a resort, clubs or houses. The decoration of these parties is very simple as it is a success party. The decoration can contain lots of balloons and red ribbons all blowing up. The colour of the venue can be light or mix like the decoration lights can be of red and white colour and many more.

There can be certain dress codes for the graduates so that they can be recognized in the crowd. Like for guys it can be black suits and for girls white suits or any they want to keep with delights the moods of the party. A large cake can be the best part or the Wow affect of this party where all graduates can join hands to cut it. This is how a graduation party can be remembered forever and as it is the best first and last thing of a graduate life so they should enjoy it with lots of fun and lots of dance all together.

The next funny and crazy party is beach part. No one can say no for it whether they want it or no. So let's talk about something really crazy that is the beach party:-

C. Beach Party:-

The beach party is the most famous among people in goa. As the cool waves of sea and hot sun mixed with silky sand adds up a flavor to the party. The beach party doesn't require any venue or any such decoration it is just need an open sky and lots of light candles. That is what makes it special and more enjoyable. These kinds of beach parties are more special when it comes to the darkness that is the night time. All the cool air and noise of waves add rhythm to it.

The beach party has lots of food and lots of cool chilled drinks which rejoice the mood of the party people. The soft music is a plus point to this fun party. Beach party is single party which would need slightest planning and can be fun without much extraordinary arrangements. The more important thing for this part can be the music like songs which can be jazzier and groove like songs of shakira, akon and MNM which have high beats and lots of funkiness.

Last but not the least we will about a very decent part that is the Retirement Party. Just Now we have talked about the graduation part that is the starting of career and now we talk about the retirement end of career party:-

D. Retirement Party:-

Retirement party is the end of career party so we can also that it is the farewell to the career life and welcome to the comfort life once again. The retirement party is the most memorable party of the whole life as it is way of giving respect to the one who have serviced all his life to make his family stand by. The venue of this party is generally home or it can be some community centers.

The members of these parties are generally people like own relatives and those who worked with us in the office. There is normally no such big celebration but a small with a great pleasure. The gifts for the retirement party can be like a group photograph or commented cards for the retired individual.

Now for the conclusion we can only say that parties are the small celebrations which bring people together and make them feel happy. These parties have no such motive but a small day can be made special and full of joy as life long memories are always there somewhere in mind. So keep parting and enjoy every special event with lots of fun and craze.

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