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This story is about the African drum circles that Biboti Ouikahilo has brought to the Syracuse, NY community. The article talks about the benefits of group play, the types of drums used in African drumming and the Wacheva Cultural Arts organization that Ouikahilo and his wife opened. It is from the perspective of Jason Borisoff, who joined Ouikahilo's class and learned about African drumming and drum circles.
Advertisements are a means to make people aware of the services that a company provide or to attract customers to a business.
Does Dancehall Music have any impact on our society today
Something is broken when Sony and Universal are suing children. Actually, at least two things are broken: the software that file sharers use, and the record labels' business model. The current situation can't be the final answer. And what happened with music is now happening with movies. When the dust settles in 20 years, what will this world look like? What components of it could we start building now?
JLS has many upcoming concerts in UK.JLS are on top again in UK Music Chart by song "Club Is Alive".
Alan Jackson, one of country music’s biggest stars, was honored with the Alan Jackson Star Ceremony earlier this year.
Visionary art is art that purports to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes, or is based in such experiences. Both trained and self-taught (or outsider) artists have, and continue to create visionary works.
Ever Thought of Michael Jackson’s music in Rock n Roll style?
We examine the work of this British alternative band from the perspective of the American who is not so easily exposed to the genre.
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