Dancehall Music Impact On Society

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Dancehall Music has always been very influential since its inception/production. The music have the power to hypnotize you if you allow yourself to be fully engulfed.

One main reason for the musical impact is because artist are seen as idols or role models. Another reason is that persons crave attention and always want to be ahead all the time. Proving their status and stamina.

Ever since the 1980s artist will command their fans to do dances, say crazy phrases and act a certain way. This is all for the hype and status. Everyday, you will hear someone express that crime and violence is a major factor affecting our society in the Island of Jamaica. Some persons link this behaviour to the lyrics being used in songs and dancehall.

In my opinion, it does presently 2010. One of the most influential group/artists in Jamaica today is the Portmore Empire and Vybz Kartel, the leader of the group.

Most young dancehall and reggae lovers consider this group/artists as their idol. The type of music put forward by this group can be voilent and explicit for the most part.

I am not hitting out at the Portmore Empire nor Kartel, but the truth is just the truth.

To prove my point, in 2010 when the Vybez Kartel collaboration with Popcaan 'Clarks' hit the airwaves, most if not the entire nation from young to old, sung the song, wear clarks shoes and some persons was even stealing them. The price for a pair of Clarks shoes doubled in an instant.

Apart form the violent gun lyrics there are also the outrageous dance move and dancehall slangs. Most of the hardcore dances are even known by kids  as young as four (4) years old. One such dance is the ever popular dance hall skin-out.

Here are some artists who have a large impact on our society today.

*Bounty Killer

*Busy Signal

*Sizzla Kalonji

*Beenie Man

*Shabba Ranks

*Ninja Man

We at dancehall reggae world are not saying that these artists are bad people, but what ever they do or preach becomes the practice of the younger generation in our society today.

It is with these and more findings that i've made my conclusion that dancehall music does impact our society's behavior.

By Shermaine & Kenroy Gayle


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