Michael Jackson Rocks

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Ever Thought of Michael Jackson's music in Rock n Roll style?

The Immortal Jackson has been captured in the unique rock n roll way, the captivating beats, compositions and melodies are captured in one-of-a-kind collector-items way.

All these invincible tunes are now available on I-Tunes worldwide:

  • Billie Jean-Hard Rock Mix
  • Thriller- Halloween Rock Special
  • Don't Stop Till You Get Enough-Discotheque Rock Jive
  • Way You Make Me Feel-Shuffle Rock Tribute

Special November releases coming soon:

  • Who's It- Emo Rock Extension
  • Bad-Big Mean Rock Reprise

Groovy Holiday Delights:

  • They Don't Really Care About Us-Rock Anthem
  • Money-Glam Rock Zeal
  • Leave Me Alone-Progressive Rock Shine
  • Wanna Be Startin' Something-Industrial Rock Commodity

New Year Album Release Available by Christmas:

  • The Atif-Jack of All
  • A Rocking Tribute to a Rockefella Legend

Long live the King-The Immortal, Magical Jackson, Invincible Jackson, Indispensable:

Magical Jackson is not only a phenomenon, it is an anthropological developed to mankind; it's trends, it's choices. An evolution that set new paradigms of joy, well-being, and association among all human beings.

A black man coming from a white society, fades all the colors of the world and humans into one. The color of joy. He transcended equality through his moonwalk and endeavored a destiny with his association to every human on planet. Today Michael Jackson is more vital and famous than any other celebrity, entertainer or any other human being of any kind*.

Despite allegations he came out clean and persevered to make this world a better place; to live, to enjoy and to grow. Across the world from east to west, icebergs of Russia to hot terrains of Australia, he is remembered for what he is known for strive for the best and you will get it, an unmistakable passion and irrepressible soul.

His invincible melodies and Magical Jackson persona, has had more impact on music, society, literature, fashion, mass media and pop status than Beatles or Elvis which were the revered only in west.

Immortal Jackson was a revolution on many levels. Social, musical, artistic, technological, moral, ethical, financial, progressive, and more on basis from elemental to diverse.

His tale will be remembered forever and his legacy will be passed on to the next generations for those who want to feel the best, attain the best, be the best, live the best and die the best.

Dr. Atif.

Next Year Rejoices:

Being Jackson- A research documentary about his works and it's reinvention.

Jack Fest- A global festival of Jackson's works.

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