My Best Friend

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Flora stops blooming when she shines,

Cloud scatters as no need of rain,

Nature totters as toungue touch wines,

Hypnosis all escape is vain. 

Unshutter of lips brings spring,

Rhythm of steps surpass music supreme,

Love and honesty are her wing,

Happens this all to me as a dream.

Much brighter than wheat her complexion,

Little coiling makes hair as unique structure,

Shy even magnet before her attraction,

Pure as Indian goddes laxmi's nature,

The ever simple upward lip's mole,

Contain whole physical beauty's soul,

lusture of visible bones are not behind,

From the kimberlay's diamond's find,

Her dimples are swirl oceanic fear,

Which caught every flowing tear.

Height not much but whatever was enough,

To give lady mary's beauty challenge tough.

Heart on those who brink of cease,

Herself last needy takes lead,

Warmth of sorrow melts salty snow at ease,

For helpless beats ready to be bleed.

With such heaven's trait little naughty,

But never hurts gives spring of laughter,

For change of nature took stance of flirty,

Happiness joy love runs her after.

Fortune favored me to get her friend,

All's well wisher wish me her in all births,

May immortal her till dooms end,

Friendship of her surpass any treasure worths...

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