Shattering Bonds By Rust Of Wealth

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Shattering bonds by rust of wealth,

From mutual bickerings of water and air,

Malaise ailments paralysing close knots health,

Once these were nice and fair. 

When he was equal to he,

Love was filled inside red walls,

Family was like a unshattered tree,

A shoulder was always ready for who befalls.

Now piece to piece divide into your and mine,

Once those swallowed meal in one utensil,

Now snatching mine and thine

to fulfill unfathomable will.

Looting forefather's like all time beggar,

Watering tongue on every valuable bite,

Accomodate as much to never stagger,

In the future of unknown sight.

Unrespectable words

without hesitation they blurts,

Crosses daily without joyful look,

Everything separate don't squeeze their hearts,

but this had made relations root shook.

Apathy doesn't bother them any more,

Committed with glitter of fake treasure,

Will become late when reality explore,

Due to caught in devastating pleasure.

Hate to catch sight of each other's face,

Surprise's strife in same mother's blood,

Grave's material now each other's grace,

Unfamiliar now that childhood hut's mud.

Social functions brings them near,

Just outwardly shakes their hand,

Gold coins shine clearly appear,

Greed brings the childhood love end.

If money could end and destroy relations,

Money should never exist on earth,

I pray to almighty to disseminate love and patience,

And ashes money in hate's hearth.

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