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My name is Dmitry.
I am 35 years old. I live in Russia. I am interested in sport, health, life secrets. Natural environment is another topic for interesting investigations. Food and beverages are in the life of the human being. I like to study the influence of the food and beverage on the human health. My aim is to inspire and empower people to actively participate in taking control of their health, through natural means. The influence of the ecology system on the social life quality is interesting to follow. Green living topic is the interest to me too I also like social life studying, interesting people and their ideas. I like to share thoughts and ideas with others. I try to provide the advices and the tools to experience vibrant health and wellness.

The good health is the essence of our life. The coming of the old age is the condemnation for all the people on the Earth. This article gives the idea about how to take care about the organism in order to prolong our life and make it healthier. It also tells about chemical elements in water and their role in human health.
Everyone knows that the water plays the main role in our life and health. This article unveils and gives a new specific insight into the most mysterious substance in the world. The reader will discover the new knowledge about the influence of water on the human being.
The article tells the difference in drinking water and mineral water