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Marketing MBA and entrepreneur, I have worked in various positions througout banking, finance and management, and realized that I'm happiest and most productive working for myself.  I am the co-founder and President of web startup, Bidealm.NET, and author of entrepreneur blog, StartupWizKid.com.  I think and hope that every person can enjoy what that they do for a living first, and before earning money, and my focus as an entrepreneur, is to help those looking to work for themselves and promote and encourage their new and exciting ideas in such a way that is inexpensive, and free.  Starting a business can be done successfully through passion, and without an influx of investment cash, through networking, learning, hard work, and utilizing resources.  I am an avid traveler, family person, and lover of hip-hop music, the North Carolina Tarheels basketball team, crab legs and sushi.  I am married to a sexy and successful attorney that has blessed me with the luxury to quit my job as a Credit Analyst, and the opportunity to pursue my dream.

Can we simply create buzz, excitement and fun with our marketing efforts, and not offer substance?