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Ephren W. Taylor II first revealed his extraordinary knack for making money at age 12 and he hasn't slowed down since. He was a self-made millionaire while still in his teens. In his twenties he became the youngest African-American CEO of any publicly traded company ever, City Capital Corporation (CTCC). Today Taylor and City Capital oversee tens of millions in assets for clients ranging from entertainment icons and pro athletes to church members and private companies. He is a dynamic speaker and author of the best seller "Creating Success from the Inside Out." Learn more at CashFreeInvesting.com, IRACashFlow.com or Ephren.com.

While 401(k) plans have some good sides to them, they are also very disadvantaged compared to some types of IRA accounts. It is recommended that someone who wants to rollover a 401(k) plan to IRA change to a self-directed IRA account. There are many upsides to this approach, and this article will explain why it is better to rollover the 401(k) into a self-directed IRA
In 1974, Congress developed the concept of an Individual Retirement Account, basically a trust account designed to let people save up money for their retirement without having taxes chipping away at their accounts before the money is taken out
Fundamentally, a 403(b) plan is very similar to a standard 401(k). It is available to organizations in the public education field, some non profit employers, and ministers who are self-employed. Money is placed in a similar way as 401(k), and is taxed in the same way.
Although the name might make it sound simple, the term "real estate investment" is in reality rather broad and encompasses a large variety of variables. For instance, the number of choices where to buy land is huge, even if no countries other than the United States are looked at.
A self-directed Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, differers from a standard IRA in that it requires the owner of the account - as opposed to an account adviser - to make decisions regarding the investments which go into the IRA.
Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts have many benefits over standard IRA's, assuming the holder of the account is willing to do a little extra work. One of these is the ability to invest in real estate properties and structures. Real estate investments, when done correctly, have many advantages over more traditional investment venues, such as stocks and annuities.
Most common forms of retirement plans provided by employers are set up in such a way that the employee who owns the plan provides most of the money which goes into the account.
Any good investment requires planning ahead and a good strategy in order to work and maximize gains. When these are absent, an investment can quickly go bad, or in the best case, generate minimal returns.
There are many reasons why it is preferable to rollover 401(k) and other types of retirement savings account into a self directed IRA. However, even after a person decides to take the step, many issues arise which need to be resolved with professional help. There are many companies out there competing for clients, but Equity Trust Company is up there among the best.
An Income Retirement Account is a retirement savings account set up to provide tax benefits to those who have such an account. Created in 1954 and revised afterwards, they allow an employee to place money into the account either tax-free or tax-deferred, depending on the account type