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Ruth is a writer and voice artist with 18 years experience in radio and has been freelance writing since 2006, providing her clients with all forms of client communication - radio, print, television, online, on-hold messages, editorials, advertorials, feature articles, speechwriting and any other challenge they've thrown her way.   Her message is simple "Stop blending in.  Be Heard."

No yelling, no arguing – these four words are disciplinary dynamite on child behaviour!
Are you wondering where all the crochet sites are on the net? Fear not fellow hooker – your days of creating craft in isolation are over! There are literally thousands of crochet enthusiasts sitting in (not-so) quiet corners of the web sharing their latest work.
If your life seems to be day after day of dull prison grey - you need to look at your pallette and paint a different picture.
A romantic tryst of the most embarrassing kind. The maze had stopped being fun. Not when we were still in sight of the entrance, when we could have beaten a hasty retreat. Not when we could see blessed daylight heralding the end of the labyrinth.
You may never look at your dryer's lint filter in quite the same way. Let me tell you about my hernia. It's not something one usually likes to speak of in polite company or at least not in the company of those whose respect you crave.