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"The bridge between the You now and the Supreme You is LYC"

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Waab Abunu Khabur is a Master Cycles Analyst & Instructor with over 15 years of experience in various areas such as Circadian Biology, Chrono Biology, Astro-Numerology, Biorhythmic Analysis, Shamanism, etc. and their role in Metaphysics.

More importantly, several years have been invested in the research, development and analysis of Nun Cyclosis (Cycles Analysis) for the purpose of educating and enhancing the lives of those who have crossed his path while on their journey and quest to become a Supreme Being.

After initially working with a select few, the many requests to educate others about Nun Cyclosis and to share this unparalleled science increased significantly.  This gave birth to "Learn Your Cycles" in the form of e-Courses, Private Cycle Viewings & Consultation.

The Learn Your Cycles system teaches you how to identify your true Maximancy (peak) and your true Minimancy (low point) for each of your six cycles in order to properly synchronize yourself with them.