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UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahayan has slammed a visit by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to a disputed island, state news agency WAM said. “Sheikh Abdullah blasted the visit as a ‘flagrant violation’ of UAE
Located in the south region of Jazan in Saudi Arabia, Fifa mountains rise above dreamy scenery and exceptional geography. People of Fifa are known for their daily struggle and the challenges they face as a result of the difficult nature of the land.
High areas in the southern Saudi province of Aseer witnessed unusual rough weather that included the fall of heavy rain, wind, hail, snow that resulted in the drowning of two children and two men. Some areas of the southern region were covered in
A Syrian peace activist Rima al-Dali did not expect that she would become known as the “lady in red.” Dali, who donned bright red attire to galvanize attention of the passerby in Damascus carrying slogans of peace that said “stop the killing.” To her
A possible showdown between the media and the United States Department of Defense relating to access to classified testimony about torture was postponed on Wednesday after a military judge in Guantanamo resolved the issue without making a direct ruling
Prosecutors Wednesday charged a neighborhood watch guard with second-degree murder in the killing of an unarmed U.S. black teenager that sparked nationwide anger amid suspicions it was racially motivated. “Today, we filed an information
A ceasefire in Syria came into effect at 6:00 am (0300 GMT) in line with an ultimatum set by League envoy Kofi Annan aimed at ending violence that has killed thousands over more than a year. Syria has pledged to bring an
An Egyptian court has ruled that the mother of a popular ultraconservative Islamist viewed as one of the strongest contenders for president is not a U.S. citizen, likely clearing the way for him to run in May elections. Hazem Abu Ismail is a
Saudi Defense Minister Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz held talks at the Pentagon on Wednesday that focused mainly on the crisis in Syria, as the Saudi Arabia and the United States both affirmed their “strong and enduring” partnership. The meeting
Iran will present new proposals at talks on Saturday aimed at easing concerns about its nuclear activity, state television said, but it was unclear if Tehran was willing to address its disputed uranium enrichment drive as six world powers want.