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An independent Iraqi Satellite TV Network that transmits on Nilesat and Hotbird from its temporary offices in Lebanon . Alsumaria was established by a group of professional businessmen in 2004. It includes a solid staff of 300 employees in Iraq and 150 in Lebanon . In a span of two years, Alsumaria has managed to become one of the most dynamic and watched TV stations in Iraq .

We strongly believe in a unified Iraq and continuously strive to be neutral and at the same distance with all Iraqis regardless of their political or religious backgrounds. Alsumaria TV wants to show the world that Iraq isn't a country where everyday people suffer and die, but rather a place where people live, work, get married and struggle to lead long and normal existence.

We are here to cover a country in its plight for peace.

In Arbil, Iraqi citizens celebrated Eid Al Adha and wished for stability and security to reign over all provinces of Iraq. For more details, click on play
Iraqi citizens hoped Eid Al Adha this year would turn over a new leaf in Iraq. Parks and gardens received visitors and people amidst intense security measures. For more details, click on play
From Chile, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas reiterated that he will not run the upcoming Palestinian Presidential elections, however he will stay in his post until these elections which were not fixed yet are held. Abbas spoke about delaying the
Israel refused to set free some of the prisoners Hamas asked to release in exchange of freeing abducted Israeli soldier Gilaad Shalit detained in Gaza delaying the possibility of reaching an agreement in this regard, said officials well informed of the
In Arbil, markets are prepared for Eid Al Adha while citizens are living the spirit of the Eid by visiting historical sites. For more details, click on play
Iraqi citizens are complaining of soaring prices ahead of the Eid while shop owners say that prices have increased due to mounting rents. For more details, click on play
Baghdad Security commands have started implementing security measures and plans in Iraq a day ahead of Eid Al Adha. For more details, click on play
A Kuwaiti official said that Iraq and Kuwait are holding technical negotiations in order to reach an agreement over exploiting the oil fields which are on the common borders between the two countries and which caused a conflict between the two countries
Iraq Ministry of Trade said that The Contracting Committee in the Ministry is preparing a series of meetings in order to sign contracts to import big quantities of sugar in order to provide this item for the holders of ration cards. On the same level, an
Six people from the same family some of whom belong to Sahwa forces were killed in northern Baghdad. Gunmen raided a house in Al Mushahada region and killed six people including two women and two boys, police sources said. A bomb explosion targeting a