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GPS receiver can be classified as mobile and fixed. Most of the GPS on the market are merely the map with fixed electronic eye data, this product can only measure[...]
According to the different using purpose of GPS Receiver, there are a variety of GPS signal receivers[...]
GPS Antenna is an important part of the user facility: GPS receiver gets satellite signals and related data through an antenna; the baseline and three-dimensional coordinates vector GPS obtained which used for geodetic measurements, is the result of the coordinate vector between the centers of GPS antenna, plus the antenna height, then after corresponding correction[...]
1, The parents use GPS tracker to control the whereabouts of children and the elderly, to avoid people getting lost or accident[...]
With the development and deepening of 3G network business and the open era of LTE, the time synchronization problem of wireless mobile services highlights continuously[...]
Ear spray, a term was attributed to NPR's Morning Edition, is the tinny sound that leaks out of someone else's headphones.
There are various types of electronic devices like cellphones, internet tablets, and digital cameras are sometimes referred as PMPs because of their playback capabilities. This article however focuses on five portable devices that are closely linked with playing media[...]
Outdoor Activities are popular among young person, Here are 10 outdoor Necessary tools or Outdoor Gadgets from ePathChina that will help make outside more civilized...