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The Federal minimum wage rate is $7.25 in 2010 and with low inflation will probably only rise fractionally in 2011. Over 35 million working Americans only get paid minimum wage and so this rate impacts and is very closely watched by a large portion of workers.
Unfortunately it looks like the chances of a further extension to the home buyer tax credit are lessening by the day as stronger housing data and focus on reducing government debt and foreclosures emerges.
With tax season complete, it is now time to look forward and implement some smart tax management strategies to reduce your mitigate your tax liability for the years ahead. This is particularly the case with a number of new provisions and expiring tax breaks in 2010 and 2011. Based on these and extrapolating from 2010 IRS Tax Brackets I have provided my preliminary view of the 2011 income tax brackets.
Nowadays, it seems that just about every large company has hopped on the credit card bandwagon by issuing their own branded card. Normally I am quite critical of this category of cards, because the rewards are usually average, at best. However, broker affiliated credit cards to be an exception...they have higher cash back, better customer service, and the list goes on.