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Education is what shapes the future of the nation. If the children of the nation are not given proper training or Proper support then the jus won’t be able to grow beyond their Boundaries or even would struggle to survive later in life.
Educational is consistently becoming the Prime factor in measuring the growth of the country. Thus it becomes very important for a nation to have not only an efficient but also a flexible Educational framework that allows the students to go for their interested field in education and Provides complete support to them from all perspectives.
Civil services are no bed of roses. Thus the UPSC takes full care in recruitment of the officers that'll manage the steel frame of the country.
CAT is conducted by IIMs for the management program. CAT is said to be the toughest of all the competitive exams in the Country because of high degree of Competition in CAT to get into the management courses of prestigious Indian Institutes of Management. Also most of the B-school in India nowadays has adopted this test and they use CAT scores of candidates as eligibility criteria for further Admission process.
CAT Exam is gateway to enter the Prestigious Management Institutes such as -Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and various other Respected Management institutes. CAT Exam is said to be Toughest and Most challenging Competitive exam in the country. Not because the Questions in the exam are so tough to solve but because the Number of applicants ratio to the number of available seats in IIMs is very low and thus the success ratio is very Low in This exam.
Distance learning means the delivery of instruction and study material that fulfills the coursework from remote locations, allowing instructors and students to interact without being in the same place. Distance learning is a rising and popular mode of learning especially for those that live in far flung areas and somehow not able to attend Classes.
Part time MBA programs are designed for working professionals. Generally the Most part-time MBAs work full-time during the day and they attend classes in the evening. Part-time programs are popular among those that want to enhance their career and they are also suitable if you already have a network in your field to aid in a job change.
There are many forms for MBA degree Available and Choosing a particular Type of course is totally Subject to one’s needs, situations and Obligations. As clear from the abbreviation, Joint or Dual MBA means partnering your MBA program with another graduate program. Generally, In Joint MBA Program, MBA degree is paired with one of Law, Engineering, international Studies, Healthcare administration and Public policy.
Executive MBA (EMBA) programs are designed for professionals that are already specialists in their field or industry are willing to Improve and sharpen their management skills to strengthen their expertise and continue rising up the corporate ladder. The importance of Executive MBA has been rising in the recent years with more and more Employers asking their top managerial personnel to attain Executive MBA to sharpen and hone their Skills.
Two Year full time MBA is Dedicated Program that entails all the Aspects Of a good and Complete Managerial program. The Program Includes time given to Study core Subjects and Gives full time to Specialize on various Aspects.