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Isn’t it strange that leadership is so much about benchmarking? We are so concerned with competition, scarcity and what our competitors are doing that we completely miss out on the opportunity to take our own business to the next level.
So many people I encounter hate their jobs. I mean really hate their jobs. Yet, they are stuck in circumstance. What I mean by this is that they let outside factors control their lives instead of making fundamental changes that allow them to overcome these barriers.
Any time you are on the verge of breaking out of your comfort zone, you will encounter a wall of resistance, the terror barrier. When you create or attract a new idea into your life, when you prepare to make a bold move or venture into the unknown, the terror barrier will rear its ugly head.
People looking to break out on their way to a fulfilling life include individuals that are more or less just getting started on their journey as well as those that have drifted off course over the years and find themselves staring at their dreams, a blurry haze way off in the distance.
The ability to manage the terror barrier is largely what sets those that are living a life of their dreams apart from those that are steeped in mediocrity and unhappiness. It’s not that successful people “get all the breaks” or “have it easy,” they are able to break through the terror barrier.
Becoming rich is often singularly and synonymously perceived as attaining monetary wealth. This is an incredibly misguided and incomplete way of thinking. Riches means becoming rich in all aspects of your life: socially, intellectually, physically, spiritually, and yes, financially too. You cannot consider yourself truly rich until you fulfill each of the five aspects of your life.
Everybody want success, how come so few really attain it? If we want to succeed in pursuing our own dreams and ideas, we must break out of the limitations that our physical senses can put upon us.
The most debilitating mindset a person can have is blindly and uncritically accepting conventional wisdom. And while there are certainly concepts and widely accepted viewpoints that are based in fact and are worthy of your consideration, you must do your own research and make informed decisions based on your own points of reference. Unfortunately, many people let others determine their path rather than take the time to lay out their own.
Decision is a powerful force. In a fraction of a second, the world as you know it, your whole life, can be changed. This can be an incredibly heavy thought to bear as it comes with a great deal of responsibility, but even as the truth can shock you at times; it can also amaze you with possibilities.
So unknown, and still so omnipresent across borders and cultures, and seemingly so widely accepted, even though confronted with the law, probably nobody will admit to it.