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Be careful what you ask for... you might just get it!!!!

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Over 20 years in IT, seen the raise of the Internet, Windows and the fall of the BBS systems... may they rest in peace!

I have been able to assist and guide many people in getting and completing their CompTIA A+ certification. Currently, assisting others with completing Secruity+.  Shhh... Really working during the day as a mild mannered network engineer.

Certifications from CompTIA A+, Network+ 2005, Security+ 2007, ETA-I CST, HP, IBM, Microsoft MCP, Panasonic, and Toshiba. 

How to combine Microsoft Office 2007 documents into one large document. For example you have documented procedures for your company and want to turn these documents into a book or manual.
The meanings of Security are many depending on where you find it but let’s just hit the basic points for now. Security is the act or state of being protected from danger, failure, and loss or free from possible injury. Risk is a measure of the possibility of exposure, expected loss, gamble, hazard, negative outcome, and harmful consequences or threat.
CompTIA and DOD Directive 8570.1 provides guidance that all personnel working with the DOD must have and maintain specific certifications to in order to be hired or maintain their IT position.
Can it really be true? That's right! Microsoft MCP Flash released August 4, 2008, just released to the world that Microsoft Learning has once again renewed the Second Shot program. In efforts to get more certified professionals worldwide and in conjunction with their ONE and ONLY testing partner Prometric. They, Microsoft Learning and Prometric, have restarted the Second Shot offer trying to get everyone excited about getting certified again.