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To increase my knowledge and to understand the civilized creations of Almighty Lord 'Human'. May God bless us all.

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Whether you love the snow or crave that warm sunshine, winter has become the new summer when it comes to vacations.
Spending a couple of hours outdoor in sunlight each day could help children and teenagers avoid becoming short-sighted
It often requires more bravery to tell the simple truth then it does to win a battle.
Is international warnings about the safety of Chinese products reducing China's dominance in global manufacturing and trade.
Today’s couples think they are being realistic, but often this is just cynicism in disguise.
US blindly supports Israel as Jewish lobby is powerful and supportive for United States itself.
When it comes to governing this violent, fractious Afghanistan, everything, it seems, has its price. Want to be a provincial police chief? It will cost you $100,000.
US Major General John Altenburg, formerly an appointing authority to the commissions that prosecute Guantanamo inmates, warned against accepting freed prisoners or detainees of war on terror.
Five million pilgrims converged at the shrine of Imam Hussain and Hazrat Abbas on the day of Arafah in Karbala, Iraq.
If you don't want to send your Wii for repair and wait for 3-4 weeks, you can do it yourself at your own home.