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Brand Principles provides business intelligence market research reports specific to the biotechnology industry. These unique market research reports are of immense value to investment banks, companies, management consultants, trade associations, corporate executives, business analysts, libraries, universities, and business schools.

The most important requested reports are - Biomarkers, DNA Sequencing, Stem Cell Research, Adme / Tox Technologies....


G. Pulla Reddy Engineering College, Kurnool, AP in India aims to donate ten million rupees towards the relief for the flood victims of Kurnool and adjacent towns. The college popularly known as GPREC among the students and alumnae has launched a new website to coordinate the donations from the former students of the college.
There are many other places where you get the calling cards over-the-counter. But, here are few good reasons as to why it is better to buy the calling cards online as compared to the retail stores. But, be sure to look at the website certificate which certifies the website as safe for online shopping.
The basic benefits of these phone cards are you do not have to switch your long distance carrier. You can purchase the best phone card that suits your need and use it...
Looking around to buy a phone card or calling card is not an easy thing and moreover is confusing. There are so many providers and calling card companies that advertise rates as low as 1 cent/minute and other such wonderful rates, and on top of that there is a wide range of choice of different calling cards. Here are the basic 7 Tips to make your choice easy.
Different prepaid calling cards possess different features that can be very useful and helpful to different people. There are so many prepaid calling cards providers. But, there are no two prepaid calling cards that are the same, each prepaid calling card differ. Differ in the calling rates they offer, differ in the features they offer and more over they also differ in the service charges they charge. And one needs to check all these before choosing the right one that suits your needs.
When ever you try to buy a calling card, make sure you are aware of all the hidden charges. A very cheap prepaid calling card usually is associated with more hidden charges. The best way is to be aware and pay keen attention to the several common hidden charges.
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Indian courier industry had its start some 15-20 years ago. The courier industry was initially limited to the four metros – New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and to some extent to Bangalore.
This market research report on Tissue Sealants covers the sources of Sealants and the various applications of tissue sealants in the market. The Sources of Tissue Sealants covered include Homologous Sealants, Synthetic Sealants and Autologous Sealants.
This report specifies the importance of Stem Cell Research in Cardiology. The study is segmented by Source (Allogenic and Autogenic) and by Type (Bone Marrow Stem Cells, Embryonic Stem Cells, and Other).