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The spectacular Park Guell. The Guell Park is the work of the great modernist Antoni Gaudi; its aspect helped the park to be designated a World Heritage by the UNESCO.
Barcelona is the city that hosted the 1992 Olympic Games and it is this event that determined the local authorities to clean the area around the city and all its beaches in order to transform them into big attractions for tourists.
Nerja and its attractions
A few attractions of Alicante
Spain receives millions of visitors every year due to the beauty of its landscapes, the diversity of its towns and cities.
Alicante is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Spain, a top attraction for a Spanish holiday.
The nightlife in Barcelona is very vibrant; this is the reason why so many young tourists visit the city.
The Aquarium in Valencia is the largest one in Europe, a stunning building in which you can learn many interesting things about marine life.
How to get to Torrevieja
Spain is such a wonderful country that millions of people fall in love with it every year.