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Charles Chua C K runs LifeStyle Changes For Life blog. He was previously holding a management position in hotels and beach resorts. He is well versed in healthy lifestyle. He has some experience in teaching English language as well. Now he devotes his time to writing articles about his past experiences relating to health, career, money, home, relationships, education, happiness, Feng Shui, writing and more. The aim of his articles is to share useful tips about life with his readers.

How do you have more time to yourself in the office to do creative thinking and planning?
A balanced diet consists of the appropriate amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and fibres.
Our skin ages but we can slow down the aging process by observing a few healthy habits.
I am a regular drinker of green tea. I drink a cup once a day in the evening. I find that after a cup of green tea I have a delightful feeling in my stomach.
One night, it was raining cats and dogs and you were driving pass a bus stop. They were three people there waiting anxiously for a bus. One of them was a dying old man.
According to K.AR. Praphaukar Raaj, a numerologist from India, your date of birth decides your lucky colour. Here are the lucky colours according to your date of birth.
It has always been a nice feeling for me to know that I do get many free things in life after all and on top of that I can use the free things to earn money.
To me, credit cards are useful financial tools to employ for maximum savings. This is how I do it:
When you have a hectic life you are more likely to incur lifestyle cancer. You eat too much fatty and fried food with high sodium contain. Too much entertainment means drinking and smoking excessively.
I love broccoli. Previously, when I worked in hotels my favourite dish was broccoli in oyster sauce. Every day I would order this delicious dish without fail.