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Writer of historical ~ mainstream romance fiction under the name of Cynthia Roberts.  Come check out my website http://www.romanceauthorcynthiaroberts.com  ~ Founder of The Girlz Korner an exclusive website for women which was launched in September, 2008. I have been writing since the moment my mama placed a Crayola in my hand. The passion never stopped burning.  Life as it is kind of got in the way of me following my dream. Sometimes it just takes a little bit longer to get there. Hope you find my articles to be light and entertaining. Please share your thoughts and let me know if I'm on the right track.

When you're a new mom, it's truly hard to keep your sanity at times because of always juggling. Even seasoned moms are overwhelmed at times when you have a small brigade to chase after and keep up with (and that's not including keeping your significant other happy either).
According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average woman's height is 5'4", which clarifies now more than ever that average is petite and makes up nearly 70% of the female population. Finally, short women are being recognized as the majority and not the minority in the fashion industry.
The use of herbs and plants to heal the body internally and applied externally for outer beauty is long recorded throughout ancient history. The Ancient Egyptians used plants as make-up, lining their eyes, and outlining their lips and created some fragrances for the body. The Romans developed the use of facial packs and bathed in flower essence while the Greeks formulated various types of cold creams dating back to the second century A.D.
Children of any age excel and perform beautifully when they feel loved and confident about life and themselves. When they are belittled, ridiculed or chastised for whatever reason that level of confidence will be blown out of the water, affecting their personality and how they perform socially.
Speak to any mom of a toddler and she would tell you that she is a victim of the monster problem of her kid not eating food properly. Singing, playing cajoling? nothing help. It only results in calories burnt by the poor mother and an ever more agitated child.
Talking and letter writing use to be the norm when it came to expressing ourselves for hundreds of years. Now what do we have ... cell phones, emails, fax machines, texting, podcasts and whatever else to get our meanings across?
Do you feel "tied up in knots"? Have you been pulling your hair out lately? Is your heart palpitating, skipping beats?
When a woman's body is changing during pregnancy, there are many things the expectant dad needs to know.
Preparing your "nest" for your soon-to-arrive baby is one of the most natural habits expectant moms do.
Nobody wants to think that their partner is cheating on them. Single men and women, married couples, engaged couples, and those attempting to develop a long-lasting relationship like to think that their partner is true to them and to them only.