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Chris Towers is a British born author originally from Manchester UK. He now dedicates his time with his team to helping people who are sufferering from relationship problems and / or have suffered a break up or separation. You can see his website and information to get back your ex at


How often do we go through life really not appreciating what we have got? Even in younger days we can remember our parents saying things like “make sure you look after it, because you are not having another one” or “live your life to the full, before you know it you will be sixty years old”.
When we say communication is essential and part of being in a relationship together, we take for granted that it is something natural we must do. We accept that when couples live together, they are supposed to take the burden of everyday life together, and no matter what, you do it as a team and talk about your issues. So why are the majority of breakups through a lack of this communication?