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Writer and editor, Freddie Brister, is a former high school football coach of 25 years. His love of the game of football is reflected in his words and memories of growing up in the South and playing football in the back yard with his brother, cousins and neighborhood friends. His biggest thrill is watching former high school players he has coached play at the college level. His favorite pastime is watching college football on TV and attending SEC games in person every chance he gets. Freddie Brister is a huge fan of the SEC and the Florida Gators.

Devin Hester was not the return man in the Bears' game versus the Rams and you wouldn't have known it. It seems as if every time Hester touched the ball, he would do serious damage to the other team by running it back for a touchdown or picking up significant yards.
Kerry Wood has been a Cubs player for 10 years now. He won't be back next year. It was a disappointing thing for most Cubs fans and teammates to see.
Alex Henery kicked a 57-yard field goal (a school record) to lift the Nebraska Cornhuskers over the Colorado Buffaloes. The field goal came with under 2 minutes left to go in the game.
The Titans are undefeated and that's bad news for the Colts. Normally, they are the team with a 7-0 record. They are used to winning the division and not really having that much competition. Peyton Manning threw two interceptions in the game on Monday. Safety Chris Hope of the Titans caught two of Peyton's interceptions.
If the Colts lose tonight, then they would be four games behind division-leading Tennessee Titans.
The Dallas Cowboys are arguably the most recognizable football team in the NFL. They have been in the National Football League since 1960 and have been winning ever since. Known as America's Team the Cowboys have sold out their how and away games an NFL record 160 straight games.
The Detroit Lions are one of the oldest pro football teams in the National Football League. They were originally based in Ohio in Portsmouth and were called the Portsmouth Spartans.
This is the first in MLB history that a World Series game has been suspended. Rain stopped game 5 of the World Series Game in the bottom of the sixth inning Monday night. The field at Citizens Bank Park was soaked and it was hard for the players to play on it.
The Steelers came into this game looking very questionable as they have been injury prone. Also, their mistakes have added more doubt in the minds of a lot of people.
The Green Bay Packers probably have one of the most, if not the most, colorful and most interesting backgrounds in the history of professional football. They are located in Green Bay, Wisconsin and are in the NFC of the NFL. They are the third oldest franchise team in the NFL.