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The share market is perceived to be a great money making machine which churns out great returns year after year. But is it really the truth? Most of us only look at those few who have made a killing on the market, choosing to not see or ignore those who have lost it all.
Investment planning is a systematic approach by which you use various financial tools and plan your investments to maximize the existing financial resources you have.
A systematic investment plan is a lucrative investment option for the average investor that is offered by mutual funds. To invest in a systematic investment plan, the investor doesn’t need huge funds. He/ She can invest in mutual funds with an amount as low as Rs. 100. One also gets the freedom to invest monthly or quarterly. The SIP binds the investor to keep a fixed amount aside every month which ensures that one saves money.
India has progressed by leaps and bounds in the recent past and with it the stock market. Although we are all aware of the earning potential of the stock markets, we often choose the traditional forms of investing; mostly due to lack of knowledge and risk involved.
Making money in the stock markets is as easy as it can get. However it depends upon your skill and ingenuity in picking up the right stock and at the right price.
One can earn higher returns by investing in the stock markets than any other kind of investment. Therefore, it is popular with many individual and organizational investors alike. And with stock trading going online and the process becoming more convenient and faster, it has pulled in more people into investing online.
Gone are the days when colorful posters were enough to grab one’s attention. Now, one expects a complete audio-visual experience from advertisers and marketers.
Since the advent of technology in our everyday lives, we expect to see it everywhere. Even exhibitions and shows aren’t willing to be left behind. They have switched from the traditional ways of advertising to the more efficient digital mediums. The future as we call it is going to be led by projectors and video walls.
The stock markets have been known to give amazing returns when compared with other investment options. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to be successful in earning favourable returns in it.
The stock market has long been considered a lucrative arena, giving amazing returns to investors and traders alike. With online trading having set its foot firmly in the market, more people have started trading in the stock markets.