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The stock market has long been considered a lucrative arena, giving amazing returns to investors and traders alike. With online trading having set its foot firmly in the market, more people have started trading in the stock markets.
Businessmen and other working professionals take pride in the fact that they can work while on the on-the-go. Mobility is one of their biggest needs and at the same time, their biggest advantage. You could be traveling to work in your car or flying outstation for a meeting, and still work on your laptop in the meanwhile. In terms of convenience and good features all packed into one piece of technology, there’s probably nothing that can beat a laptop today.
What picture does a trade show leave in your mind? Endless exhibits of similar sizes stretched across a huge auditorium? Now is the time to move away from the old traditional ways and make your exhibits more creative and exciting.
Mutual funds are one of the best investment options today. Operated through a fund manager, a group of investors purchase diverse portfolios of stocks or bonds. The main advantage of mutual funds is that it diversifies your risk. That is to say, if Rachel has Rs. 10,000 which she wants to invest in mutual funds, she is investing that money into Company A, B, C and D, and in this way she has hedged her risk. Another advantage is that investors can purchase stocks or bonds at a much lower trading cost.
Advantages of renting tablet PCs, notebooks, laptops, or desktops, score high above that of buying. Consider this example: you go to the store and buy the latest edition of a notebook with the latest configuration for an ‘x’ amount. Exactly a week later, the same company launches a better edition. Now, imagine if instead of buying the Notebook, you had rented it. A week later, you can still go back to the rental company and rent the new edition, for a lot less than purchasing the newer edition.
If there is one thing that every individual must incorporate in their life, it would be financial planning. When we talk about financial planning, the first thought that comes to our mind would be complex financial jargons such as cash flow management, planning for retirement, risk management, insurance and tax planning, etc.