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As a TRCB Author, I likes to share experiences and is very passionate about writing. I share my thoughts and ideas with others through this forum. For more information about me please visit my blogs.

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Another terrorist attack took place in the suburbs of Lahore. This is considered as 3 terrorist attack in Punjab during this month. After Sacking the X Chief Minister Punjab Mr. Mian M. Shahbaz Shareef so far three very high level terrorist incident took place which raise ...........
The first question which come into mind after listening to such tragic attacks on masjid is that who are behind these attacks? Who want to de-stabilize .............
Most of the points which President Zardari discussed in his speech are welcomed by the main stream political parties. But everyone is skeptical about these.....
The whole world is going through the worst economic crisis since 1930s. Million of Job cuts throughout USA and European Union. Most of the companies are looking for bailout packages from govt. USA has already passed 2 bills of putting approximately 1.5 Trillion US$ in her economy. Will this Economic crisis continues like this or does it has to stop somewhere? Nobody knows.