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Owner of Darntoothysam.com an online digital camera repair shop; as well as TCESEO.com an affordable search engine optimization service for small to medium sized business.

Darntoothysam.com provides the same repair as the manufacturer, with the same OEM parts, for up to $100 less!

TCESEO.com provides "white hat" SEO at a price that makes sense, and provides results that gets you rankings for quality keywords.

There is at least one "squad" of "geeks" that I can think about that may charge you $250 to come to your home and resolve a 5 minute problem, but who would wish to pay that much?
The new iPhone model is about to become available to consumers! Already the iPhone has its share drama surrounding it, some of it started as early as April of 2010.
Adults have been telling lies to their children for countless generations, and the lies might appear to be innocuous at the time. The honest truth of the affair is that even the harmless little lies make it difficult for your kids to discover how and why he or she should behave properly.
A little confidence is not a bad thing. That's just what every kid needs to perform well in every activity they do. How does your child gain confidence? By learning, progressing and mastering the things in which they participate. Let's use organized sports as an example.