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Need help in how to give a presentation that engages the audience and achieves its goal?
My mission was to provide training for Event Coordinators within a large organization.
Everyone was there to celebrate the launch of this amazing ship. And when Richard Fain, CEO of RCCL, demonstrated his surfing skills on the FlowRider®, he sent a very clear message.
World-renowned colour authority Pantone Inc. has just declared Honeysuckle Pink colour of the year for 2011. Described as “a brave new colour for a brave new world,” watch for this vibrant, blushing pink to make its mark on everything from fashion and makeup to interior design.
Clothing does send a message. But there’s an enormous side benefit to a well-groomed appearance and general sense of “dressing up” — it gives you a lift. One of the greatest advocates of this philosophy is my friend Bill Shaddy. As former Senior Director of International Personnel Operations at Pepsi, Bill knows “the right stuff” when it comes to stocking his closet. These days, however, things are a little more complicated. Bill, I should explain, has been living with MS for the last 18 years
Published studies indicate that, person-to-person, we interpret messages: • Visually — 55% from facial expressions • Vocally — 38% from voice quality and the way words are spoken • Verbally —7% from the actual words With techno or e-communications, the relevance of the actual word choice increases dramatically. From the minor 7% bit player in face-to-face communication, words now move up to 70%, a big change of roles.
On the big day, Mandy arrived at the company’s HQ, where she was warmly greeted by her HR contact and told she would be meeting both the VP and a senior director. as she was shown into the boardroom and introduced to these senior managers, neither one stood to shake hands. It got worse. Mandy’s attempts to make small talk were overwhelmed with a stream of questions, all barked at her, without any attempt to make eye contact because both executives were fixated on their BB’s —throughout the entire meeting!
A self-proclaimed victim showed up for Casual Friday in flip-flops and leggings, prompting her boss, the so-called Miss Perfect, to send her home to change. I've come to realize that since the young woman in flip flops could read the signals - cardigan, linen slacks, sling backs - but didn't get the point, she's probably not the right person for the job.
According to the recent Ipsos/Reuters "Global @dvisory: Proper Attire in the Workplace" survey conducted in 24 countries around the world, there is considerable disagreement about business dress codes. The report explores what people around the world are wearing to work and rates the acceptance level, or inappropriateness, of specific garments. It seems to me that the very existence of this study points to an easing up of dress codes - everywhere!
Do you offer the quality of service you gauge others by? Do you demand the same high standards of yourself - that you expect from other business professionals - when you're working with clients?