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Sleep is over rated

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A 12 + year vetran of the IT Recruitment world, agency and in-house.  Holds a passion for Recruiting and everything that entails, a wannabe Web2.0 player, blogger and General in the war for Talent. 

A dedicated hubby and dad of 2, who can't wait to share his voice.

Not forgetting the people part of Recruiting. It has to be more than just a skills matching service.
Lessons learned by a boss who pretended to fire me. Extremely important in the current climate.
Office politics, weighing up the idea of adding to conflict or saying nothing to keep the peace?
An article on continuous learning. What stage of your life are you at your professional best?
A view on embracing your busy day. So Much To Do.... So Little Time
Comment on a recent conference on implementing Enterprise 2.0 and Recruiting 2.0 into the corporate world.
Children stories again lead the way for advancement. Stay positive, and keep an eye out for the opportunities.
It's scary to blog. Read this to help overcome your fears, I did. Everyone wins with more involvement.
An overview of how Sales are an essential part of what we do everyday and that EVERYONE is responsible for it.
My view on the horrific bushfire in Victoria this last week.