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Dave Moskowitz is well-trained nephrologist and founder, CEO, and Chief Medical Officer of GenoMed, a Next Generation DM(tm) company (DM = Disease Management). GenoMed is a patient-friendly company which does business over the Internet. It is the only player in healthcare to use cutting-edge, genomics-based medicine to lower healthcare costs. We are pioneers in preventive molecular medicine. We are revolutionizing healthcare--converting it from an anti-patient, increasingly expensive, largely futile, hospital-based industry to a patient-friendly, inexpensive, outpatient-based exercise in effective prevention of disease.

The crime of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment isn’t so much that it was a stupid experiment—medicine improves only through clever experiments, and stupidity is seldom criminal. What made Tuskegee so shameful was that a cure for syphilis had finally been discovered, but news of the cure was deliberately kept from the patients who needed it the most, those with tertiary stage syphilis, just so investigators could see how they died.