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Been Blogger for a while, having flair to write on different issues.

Working as HR & Admin Manager in Financial Sector and involved in Business Studies. Background in IT and Social Studies including Law.

This article is not the hard and fast rule to be adopted yet some points to be considered .... in author's opinion!
SWOT analysis is the tool for Strategic Management for Organizations but how it helps job seekers for their assessment about ...
Being the appraiser one thing must be remembered that always give unbiased opinion but sometimes....
Understanding Job Duty List as per HRD Function as many people get no result from the employers only for the reason they cannot represent their skills in the way employer demands.
The bloggers who take care of the quality may wait for some time to build real traffic but will never loose the returning visitors, as quality compromise may deprive the blog from existing as well as prospect visitors forever.
Blogging is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to serve the purpose of any webmaster and compete with any website in all aspects.
Being the part of human resources team, I always try to know the reason behind any change occurred or planned to implement in the organizational structure. Likewise a layman, certain questions can also knock the mind including some of the possible:
Successful Organizations are running successfully due to effective HR Department. What are the Basic Functions of HRD, some of those are described briefly.
Some Key Factors for Bloggers who intend to just start the game.
Do you own a business to sell some product or services or you intend to start shortly then this is prerequisite to have ideas on how to market your products or services?