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Mathew is a doctor, who is settled in New York. He recently needed computer support, and availed the services of a firm that fixed related issues by providing Microsoft Support.

I started working day-and-night on my laptop and was able to meet all targets as exceed their expectations. Everything was fine till last night when suddenly a warning message started popping-up on my laptop and it stated “A virus has been detected”.
On Friday night I started compiling my project in a CD. I was really satisfied with the data which I had on my computer. I took a cup of tea and turn on the machine and went to the directory where I had kept the Office 2010 Word files. I was shocked as none of my files were getting accessed.
With the concept in my mind, I sat on the couch with my laptop and a drink on the side table. I started to work on the presentation. However, in just about a minute, a pop-up appeared on my screen. I had no idea as to what to do with it. I tried closing it but it was stuck.
It is rightly said, “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. And now I can also shout it aloud as my problem came to an end only because of my friend. I called him up and told him about my recent computer experiences. He suggested me the name of a company providing technical support.
Finally, it was only a few weeks back that I managed to convince my boss to go from paper to digital. I convinced him to get computers for all managing and financial tasks and also informed him of the usability of Microsoft Excel 2010. He agreed and I had a computer at my disposal.
The iTunes for Windows 7 issue was resolved and I was back to listening my favorite tracks. I indeed found some better reasons to play on some soulful music!
Earlier I was a bit hesitant but he showed me his company’s websites and other things, and on his assurance I went along with him. He fixed the problem within 10 minutes. I was completely astonished at his attempt and smart work.
Today, being their vaccination day, I was up early and drove straight to the office, as the Vet would be here any moment. Everything is ready. My assistant has come in too and I just have to log on to my system and open the detailed reports of their vaccination. It should not take me more than a minute to organize it… hopefully.
My parents’ 25th anniversary is one day I still remember, because it was a day when I actually wanted to convey a lot of feelings to my brother and desperately needed to send an e-mail to him immediately. iYogi seriously provided great help.
I switched on my computer, and discovered that the operating system on my computer - Microsoft Windows XP had crashed. I tried to solve the problem, but was unsuccessful. There was no other free computer system at the school, which could be used to conduct the presentations. I could see the disappointment on the face of the children when they realized that time was running out, and it may not be possible for them to make their presentations that day.