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Gerald McDowell owns and operate an Internet Travel Agency - Expedia, Travelocity type online travel site, but with much more to offer. Book all your travel needs with McDowell Travel  for Airline, Hotel, Car, Event Tickets, Cruise, Flowers, Vacation Packages & More! -

You can save a lot of money making travel arrangements six to nine months in advance. Now is the time to start planning for Spring Break and summer travels. Whenever plans are made in advance, you can make decisions and complete some reservations early saving lots of money.
It’s possible to travel to Europe on budget. A dream vacation that consists of a 9-day tour of Paris, Waterloo, Hague, Amsterdam and Luxembourg will normally exceed $4,000 per person. But it’s possible to take this tour including air, 4-start hotel, and two meals per day and guided tour for less than $1,500.
It’s easy to find travel deals online following a few simple steps. Like most things in life, travel is a game and you can easily win when you learn how to play.
Last year we claimed over $12,000 in tax deductions related to our online travel business. Because of that we took a free vacation, a free cruise and even visited family over the holidays for free.
The Final 2008 China Olympic tickets went on sale and it was a mad house. The final 250,000 Olympic tickets available to the general public created a dangerous situation for some. By the end of the day, there were injuries and disappointments especially for those who had wait over 25 hours.
Start looking for last minute travel deals to the 2008 Olympic Games. With the Games two weeks away, unsold inventory has to be put on sale. Now is the time to start searching for travel deals.
The travel industry is lucrative. People are making six figures helping others with their travel plans and their vacations. But how much does it take to start a travel agency?
How do you book travel? Did you know that 8 out 10 book travel online? And did you know all these online travel websites receive commissions from the travel vendors?
Cruise travel has become a popular vacation and I can show you how to take a cruise for free. More cruise ships will be built over the next five years than all cruise ships built in the last 45 years.
There are some incredible travel packages for the 2008 Olympic Games. These packages include airfare, hotel, tours and tickets to the Games.