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Gudrun Funk is subject matter expert at www.TRCB.comd, Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+), 

Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Co-authored a number of CAQC certification material and

Co-author in A+ 4 Real.

Little argument the MP3 audio format is due for an upgrade. Do we have a standards war brewing?
It is time for the page break to an odd page for a new chapter to disappear?
The Microsoft layoffs are part of a new Microsoft that is shedding its dead weight of times gone by. Here is a glimpse of where Microsoft is going in the next decade.
Getting the most "Bang for your buck" has reached a crisis level. For less than $100 you can watch you productivity skyrocket.
A new way to create electricity from the sun, at a small fraction of today's costs, and look pretty at the same time.
Popular wisdom says Microsoft is anti Open Source. Is it?
A new research work on how smell impacts our thoughts.
US Federal Court finally puts teeth and copyright protection to open source and other creative endeavours
Changes in the Security+ 2008, security+ 2008 objectives, security+ changes
It is the worst of times for most real estate markets, as lending standards are tighter than ever, foreclosure rates continue to skyrocket, and the sub prime fallout has (debatably) thrown the economy into a recession. And yet, despite all this grim news, you have to sell your home right NOW. Well, the good news is, you can still successfully sell a property in a sluggish market with the right strategies.