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Grommets are quite an underrated accessory and most people barring those who own homes and those in the field of crafting know of their exact uses.
Plastic caps have a vast number of uses in the construction industry. They can be found in a huge variety of colors and made of umpteen numbers of materials.
As the name suggests, end caps are used to seal of pipes of different kinds. Depending on the place the pipes will be used at, these end caps come in various forms.
A cable gland goes by a number of names and is also called a connector or a fitting. What it essentially does is help attach a cable to the particular piece of equipment that needs it.
Knobs are an essential part of any machinery. You may have the most sophisticated piece of machinery on your hands, but with the right kind of knobs or handles to use it, the machine is pretty much a dud. Just as with any small component of machinery, there are a number of varieties of knobs.
Pipe caps are used as protectors to cover the beveled ends of pipes. This prevents any damage in transit, during storage or shipping and even before installation on a site.
Plastic feet are an important part of the furniture that you own. Changing them will give your room a completely new look.
Attempting to get your way around really tight spots can be quite a hassle. If you are trying to open a drawer or a cupboard, not being able to do it easily can be solved by installing some good quality plastic handles.
Especially when it comes to an industry or a manufacturing unit of some kind, the accumulation of dust can result in defective processes.
Rubber grommets have a number of versions and each of them are used in several ways in factories as well as in home based equipment of some types.