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This Energy Psychology Protocol is one I developed that I call "Psy-Qi-Soma Energy Empowerment Healing" (PSEEH). Psy for the mind, Qi for energy and Soma is for the body.
Hi and welcome to Recovery Tapping where I teach others how to "Tap” on their codependency recovery to regain Emotional Freedom. (Tapping is an interesting body-mind technique based on acupuncture – see my article, “What is Tapping” to find out more).
Today I wanted to talk about Embracing Your Confusion because it always comes before Understanding. The computer and or the internet are great examples. Have you ever attempted to learn something new and got lost and couldn't figure it out and had no idea what to do next or even where to find a file? And you got so frustrated with it (really with yourself for not knowing how) that you felt like throwing your computer out the window??
Creative? Clever? Caring? Wise beyond your years? Feel like an old soul? Do you sometimes find yourself down and out, tired, sad and blue, mentally ruminating; remembering times past have "writer’s” block - or artist block or creative block or happiness block?
Hello Tappers, I've been working using EFT on Codependency for a couple years now with pretty good results. I thought I'd post my "Cleaning up the Laundry List" for those who might be looking for EFT tips for codependency issues. I actually wrote a book on it called “EFT for Codependency Recovery”. Here is the unofficial Codependency Laundry List adapted to EFT by myself, Jeanette P. Bailey, MA. The list below assumes you already know how to Tap.
Depends who you ask. There are as many answers to that as there are people in it. At last count I read that there were 13 million people "in recovery", but, I have no idea how they figured out that number or where I even read it a few years ago.
There are many types of Emotional Vampires. They go by different names, bullies, difficult people, toxic, unsafe, drama queens, users, and some other words not so nice.But the focus here is not on them. It's on you.
What is Codependency?A dysfunctional relationship with yourself.An absence of self-defense.A result of not living your passions.Focusing on others and their happiness and hoping that they will focus on you and your happiness.
Tapping is a miracle if you ask me. Nothing else compares, even EMDR, which was revolutionary in healing post-traumatic stress disorder in Vietnam veterans and later with childhood abuse healing.
I wanted to start posting some of my Tips here. Tapping on my codependency issues really changed my life for the better. Everything I did and more I put in my book. But I want to share with you what I call