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Jenn and Albert are the Founders and Senior Editors of JennAndAlbert.com, which has been called "the best source for Entrepreneurs To Integrate Personal Development With Online Marketing and Communication on the Internet today". Their videos are some of the most popular videos on YouTube. Don't forget to ask your personal development, online marketing and communication questions in the Ask Jenn and Albert - Empowered Entrepreneurs and Online Marketing Forums. You should Fan Jenn & Albert on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter!

This is a tough one for us. How do we argue with running an AdWords campaign when based on results, Google makes Billions of dollars, annually?
These days no one can decide whether the economy is going up or down. Either way it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that more folks are looking to make money online.
It’s the million dollar question these days – how to actually get enough traffic to your website. We get asked this so often that we wanted to address some helpful tips we’ve learned as we’ve explored SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
The ‘trick' to a persuasive article is easy. Solve a problem. Have one or more ways of giving the reader a solution to some problem(s) they have. And start with the headline, telling the reader how they will benefit from your answers.
The big error being made here is some folks think that social media (Twitter for example) is just a different form of marketing. A sort of a 140 character billboard that they can scream ‘Buy Me’ or ‘Check this out!’ from. Oh help us!
Video is here to stay. Witness the fact that YouTube already has more video than ABC, CBS, and NBC has ever produced since they went ‘on-air’, over 50 years ago.
NO doubt you’ve heard about the new wave in marketing – SOCIAL MEDIA.
Once you’ve got your blog up and running, the challenge then becomes – how to promote it. There’s a world of advice out there online, but what really works? Here’s 9 tried and true ways to promote your blog.
Simple statements are often simple solutions, and often, the simplest answer is the best one. But…
Have you ever been around one of those star stunning individuals that seem to just magically draw people to them? Well, I grew up with one – my sister. Cute, fun, outgoing and never without a friend.