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My name is Virginia Louise Lawrence nevertheless, please call me Jennie and I am in the process of shifting from 15 years of employment in Healthcare, as a certified nurse aide. I have been making a change in my life; which includes a Master of Science Communications Technology - Network Communications degree (Pending). I have already achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Radford University - Graphic Arts (12/1984). From January 2008 forward volunteering with nonprofit organizations has helped me learn and produce; providing invaluable information and experiences, as well as, producing positive results... I have been volunteering my time and industries assisting NPO/NGO's achieve some of their goals technologically; not all but some. I hope to continue to assist NPO/NGO's, as the experience has been enriching socially, emotionally, and developmentally rewarding...

For about 2 months now I have been active in a new NPO. Nanotechnology Research Foundation .. I took on the task of fund-raising as a position. Its been interesting for the most part - I have a website that I want to point out to anyone that is interested in participating by making a $1 to $5 donation to support future research that will apply to the NRF's mission.


Today is the present and tomorrow is a gift,

Jennie                                                                                               http://getsmartmoodle.org 



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