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Jodi Ginsberg is a practicing workers' compensation attorney in Atlanta, GA. She has been practicing law for over 20 years, and her website can be found at http://www.atlantaworkerscompensation.net/

In the state of Georgia, you are entitled to specific workers compensation benefits if you are injured on the job. Your employer is required to carry Workers Compensation Insurance if they employ 3 employees or more, regardless of full or part-time status.
Certain statistical terms which are used to describe the balance of payments, corporate accounts, or those used in national accounts, and relate to any money that is owed to an individual who performs a service, provides products, or works for another individual is oftentimes referred to as CE or the compensation of employees.
Any website involving the conversation and interaction between individuals as well as the terminology which is used to describe that type of media is known as “social media.” The word “media” is a term that refers to the use of digital words, images and/or photos, and sounds typically shared between individuals on the internet.
In the state of Georgia, workers compensation law came into being in 1920 and was one of the key initiatives born out of the Progressive Movement. The catalyst for implementing workers comp law was the rapid increase of industrialization throughout the US in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
In the US, Workers’ Compensation is more commonly referred to as workers’ comp and is a type of insurance that provides an employee with compensation and medical treatment as a result of being hurt or injured on the job. In exchange for this, the employee must relinquish their right to sue their employer for negligence.
The basic reasoning behind the creation of Workers Compensation Insurance is to provide an employee with certain benefits when they sustain an on-the-job injury. These benefits primarily include compensation for lost wages and medical care.
If you’re receiving worker’s compensation benefits and you receive a light duty release to go back to work, should you go back to work?
Under Georgia law, the worker’s compensation statute indicates that your employer is supposed to have a posted panel of physicians which is located in an easy, accessible place for all of the employees. Posted panels, for example, are often located in kitchen/dining areas or conference rooms, etc.
In order to get a job or be considered ahead of other job applicants competing for the same position, some individuals make the mistake of padding their resumes or even lying on their applications. This kind of misrepresentation of yourself on a job application or resume can obviously come back you haunt you in many ways – even in a workers comp case.
Many people ask this question. You have been injured and are receiving medical care under workers’ compensation. But you are not experienced with the workers’ comp system, so how do you know that the care you are receiving is what you need and deserve?