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The IBM InfoPrint 1130 printer using IBM InfoPrint 1130 toner is a laser printer manufactured to be used in a medium or large office group. There are four models of the 1130 printer: Model-001, Model-N01, Model-DN1 and Model-IN1. This printer will improve productivity with rapid print speeds.
The Samsung SCX 4216F printer using Samsung SCX 4216F toner is a multifunctional printer that will be practical for either a small office or a home office. If you are looking for a printer that will work for a much larger volume of users, this is not the best choice. This specific printer allows for many wonderful qualities other than just printing. These qualities include monochrome laser printing, plain paper faxing, and a color scanner, as well as a monochrome photocopier.
The Samsung SCX 4521F printer using Samsung SCX 4521F toner is a unit that has many functions. At around $199, the device works as a printer, a scanner, a copier and a fax machine. It is a good model for small offices and home businesses. This multifunctional device is 14.5 inches in height with a footprint of 17.2 x 14.7 inches. It weighs 23 pounds approximately.
The Samsung CLP 510 printer is a color laser that's suitable for practically any office size. Compared to its counterparts, this one undoubtedly carries one of the most affordable price tags in its range. In spite of the simplicity that makes it easy to operate, the specifications are quite impressive and the printed pages produced by the Samsung CLP 510 toner fit every need.
The Samsung ML 2252W printer is a compact business class laser printer. It stands at 10.9 inches and has a diameter of 14.1 x 17.8 inches. It only weighs around 20 pounds, which makes it among one of the lightest laser printers under the same category. The Samsung ML 2252W toner offers superior printing on every level.
With Internet access and some time, passport renewal is only a few mouse clicks away. The websites available that offer this service have made it simple and easy to renew your passport and get ready for that upcoming business trip or vacation. These providers will make sure that everything is taken care of once the proper forms have been submitted and ship either the new passport or passport card directly to you.
You can find the Samsung ML 6050 printer and Samsung ML 6050 toner for under $100. Even though it is introduced as an entry-level device, its performance is on par with laser printers that are more expensive. The fact that it has been dominating the budget sector since its release deserves a closer look.
The Dell 1110 printer using Dell 1110 toner is an all-around device, which cost around $100. It is even small enough to fit in most space. To use it, you have to unfold its paper tray. This design can save you a lot of space, but you have to put the paper somewhere else. The product also lacks any cover to protect the paper from any dust.
The Dell 1720 printer is a device specifically designed for speed and low cost. For around $180, it offers blazing fast 30 pages per minute printing. That is the kind of speed you would want from an office printer. Unfortunately, networking and duplex printing is something that the machine does not do.
The HP LaserJet 1300 printer is ready to go right out of the box and a very nice price that belies its excellent reliability and performance characteristics. It can print quickly and has a wide range of expansion options that can deliver even more features and functions and it's compatible with many different operating systems. Hewlett-Packard has done its work well with this printer and the excellent HP LaserJet 1300 toner offers prints any office can be proud of.