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Karen Lyu's holistic, personalized and playful voice coaching has helped to transform the singing and speaking voices of hundreds of students. She has studied vocal solutions for over 20 years with experts such as Roberta Davis (Berklee School of Music), performed for over 15 years with musicians such as Soli Hughes (Sounds of Blackness) and Curly Martin (Etta James), explored holistic health, bodywork and learning disabilities for 15 years, taught voice since 1999, and has a Jazz Studies - Vocal Performance degree. Karen's music has been featured on NPR "All Things Considered", MPR "Morning Show", Democracy Now, film, television, radio and cable. She offers teleclasses, phone lessons, Skype video lessons, and in-person voice lessons for absolute beginners to untrained professionals, specializing in students with vocal health issues.

5 Easy Voice Tips to Speak Effectively by Phone by Karen Lyu, Holistic Voice Coach. Have you heard that studies show 97% of what we communicate by phone is by vocal tone? That means only 3% of your message is understood from the actual words!
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