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Kevin is  CEO of Build the Career You Deserve (Kevin Kermes Inc.), a company devoted to empowering professionals with the vital tools and information necessary to find the job they want and build the successful career they deserve.  Sign up for his free e-zine - Build the Career You Deserve -  for insider tips on how to do just that!

What are some good areas to be in right now? This is a question I am asked daily by my coaching clients and, to put it simply, a very loaded one. While I think there are some industries that have a promising future, I think there are some bigger questions to answer that lie within you – not the marketplace.
What's the one trait that almost every highly successful person you know exhibits? Your immediate reaction might be "personality" or "intelligence." But, in reality, it is...
Almost everyone begins their search by going to the job boards - CareerBuilder, HotJobs, Monster, etc... What you probably don't know is that only approximately 6% of people ever find their job through these boards! Here is why they are massively inefficient in getting you connected with the job you want.
Drawn from ym Manaing Your Career blog, I share random tips on how to interview more effectively.
The TIMED Approach aims to provide you with a system by which you weigh and select the best opportunity for you
Taking on challenges is sometimes described as character building. As cliché as this might sound, we take it a step further. It is vital to your livelihood as a sales professional. By taking the easy road, many end up with jobs that are bringing no value from a professional, much less personal, growth standpoint. For them, the path of least resistance becomes a career swamp.
One of the principal tenets of legal questioning is to only ask questions to which you know the answers (or at least this is what I have gleaned from watching countless hours of Law and Order!). In The HAMMER Letter this past April, we talked about a topic sharing a similar vein: Name Dropping. But in this instance, you need to be aware of what the people whose names you drop will say about YOU.
Sales Executives are notorious for being out of touch about their interviewing skills (present company included!). It is a perishable skill and one that, regardless of how exceptional a sales professional you are, you should never assume is sharp, honed and ready for battle. Just like pitching a solution to a new prospect, you need to plan and rehearse. In this blog we are going to share pitfalls and successes alike that we see daily.