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A retired Major from Pakistan Army . MBA from IBA Karachi . Presently Head of Department--Business Administration & Commerce in Minhaj University Gulberg Campus , Lahore. Interested in HR development activities.

Motivation defines the way we move through life. This is the thing that has made us walk for the first time, that has helped us in learning how speak our native tongue correctly, that has pushed us forward in school years and university studies perhaps, that finally sets in motion all the life areas from job and career pursuit to children and family providing. Motivation can take many forms and is found in many things.
There is nothing that beats a great kiss. It is that very one thing that will keep your woman thinking about you. To take your relationship to the next level, leave a good impression with your woman by making her feel special--and no better way to do this but through a great kiss.
Dating tips are most important for your first date. For the reason that if the very first date doesn't go well the way you expected, probably you might not get another chance to date her again. By making your very first date enjoyable and pleasurable, you can make a big difference. You can possibly move into a higher level such as a long term relationship. Not from having a woman not returning your phone calls.
Marriages can end for a number of different reasons. A common cause is from one partner committing adultery. A survey conducted by a leading divorce website shows that over 25% of divorced couples realized that their marriage was over when finding out about their partners' affair.
Opening a home office is a big deal, nothing else has more potential to make or break your life, and bank account than this proposition. The benefits are clear, but getting off on the right foot is imperative.
People do many stupid things when they are jealous. Sometimes jealousy makes them act in a bad way. They make themselves look foolish and immature when they show their jealousy. There a many triggers that can make these people act this way.
We must take some time to encourage ourselves.Self-encouragement is the most ignored aspect of our life.To do some thing extra-ordinary we must believe in our capabilities & strengths and must reward our selves for any great achievement.
HVACR is a very technical industry, which need a fully trained & developed workforce. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to develop the skills base & intellectual capital the organization requires as well as ensuring that the right quality of people are available to meet present & future needs. Technological innovations require training for affected employees. Competitive pressures are also changing the ways organizations operate and the skills that their employees need.
Everything in life really boils down to the relationships that we have with others because interaction with others is part of the human makeup. If you want to enhance your life, Start by enhancing your relationships.
Body language can make or mar our communication as well as our relationship with others.We must pay special attention towards our gesture while speaking to others.