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My name is Lisa and I live in Trinidad and Tobago.  I currently have a full time job as a Secretary.  I'm a Life Coach part-time as I love helping people.  I love reading and writing and started writing on hubpages.com.  This prompted me to start my own Personal Development website which also has a catalogue of Self Help audio/e-books.

I love reading the bible and believes that it is God's manual for mankind.  To live by the bible means living a truly happy life.

Let’s face it. We all have problems. Problems are a part of everyday life, whether it is marital, financial, work or health related. Sometimes some problems are so overwhelming they can cause extreme stress. However, problems can be solved if you approach them in a positive light.
What is the main reason for the breakdown in marriages? Lack of communication. Learning to communicate properly is the key to saving any troubled marriage.
We’ve all experienced failure at some point in our life. However, failure does not mean to give up, but to press on until success is accomplished.
There is a solution to every problem. When conflicts arise in a relationship, finding ways to resolve them is easy if you care about you partner and desire a happy relationship.
Finding true happiness is a task that eludes a lot of people. Some are happy one day and down the next. Others feel happy when they’ve achieved a particular goal. Then there are those who never seem happy regardless of what goes in their lives.